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What's Inspiring Us...: Video Edition #1

On an everyday basis, it can feel like we are constantly bombarded with information, news and media. These sources that we are exposed to everyday can be disheartening at times, and more often than not we all need that inspirational boost! Here are a few videos that we’ve come across recently that have left Storie Storie feeling motivated:

Incredible bravery: this student goes to school after fire to sit her Chemistry exam: In the wake of the tragedy of the Grenfell tower, 16-year-old Inês, who survived the fire then sat a GCSE exam the next day still in her nightclothes. Unbelievably inspirational, and showing the strength of the survivors of a sad tragedy. You’re never too young to show off amazing talent in a multitude of ways: 12-year-old ventriloquist wows America’s Got Talent judges, and rightfully so! It’s always incredible to see young people spreading their wings. What a voice! And you’re also never too young to help out those who need it like this promising young man: 12-year-old creator has made an app for those who have disabilities to navigate safely in public and find employment opportunities. An absolutely wonderful idea and sensational feat! This unbelievably talented woman is proof that you should never give up on your dream: Mandy Harvey lost her hearing at 18, but decided she could not give up on her musical dream, and so she found a way to make it work. Beautiful voice and an inspiration to never give up.

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