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Tuesday tips: Pass those exams

It’s only been a few weeks since we did Tuesday Tips on how to make the best out of your revision, and we know that exam season is well underway! However, for some it’s not over, so here’s an extra couple of tips to help you pass those last exams. Here our 5 top tips this week:

1. Plan plan plan

Not only should you break your topics down into chunks as much as possible but make an effort to keep track of what you’ve done. In these last weeks, work hardest on things you’re not as confident in, but don’t neglect to at least touch on topics you know very well.

2. Find your spot

Find a few places, but have at least one solely for revision (not your bed) - but remember if you’re stuck changing scenery can help.

3. Create smaller, thriftier ways of studying

What is more helpful than flashcards to look at while travelling, or podcasts for languages, and so much more. It doesn’t always have to be at a desk with a textbook or in a library! Make it fun and transportable.

4. Don’t wear yourself out

Especially if you're feeling unmotivated! You'll be less efficient if you don’t take breaks. You'll come back refreshed and do a better job of studying, rather than doing a half-hearted job staring at notes you're not taking in.

And when you're in the exam:

5. Remember it's in timed conditions

Take your time to read the question and pace yourself. Plan your answer well and efficiently and you shouldn't have to rush! And even if you do have to up the pace, you’ll know at the very least you're answering questions correctly.

Hope these are helpful to at least one person - our next tips will focus on wellness... we can't wait to discuss such a vast topic so look out!

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