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6 Links to Inspire Your Weekend

Feeling uninspired after a busy week? Or do Fridays sometimes have you feeling creatively drained?

While social media can bombard you with interesting videos and fascinating articles, we have narrowed some down for you so you can come into the weekend feeling buzzed before Monday rolls back around!

Here are some articles Storie Storie have come across this week that left us feeling excited for the future of education, both across the world and closer to home.

1. Young girl started newspaper at 7-years-old and is breaking all kinds of boundaries

I’m proud of my work and I believe my articles make a real difference in my community. Hundreds of thousands of people read my stories.

2. 10 Inspirational Teachers Are Transforming Education

Here are ten more finalists and inspirational teachers around the world transforming education and the classroom experience as we know it.

3. Music star Stormzy gives student £9,000 to London student for Harvard education

My biggest message is that it’s possible anyone can do it and make it to Harvard. I’m like every other person, I’m not special you just need self-belief. You just have to go for it.

4. Tips on how to survive the first five years in a classroom

When you get a long-term perspective on things, you will survive anything. You will. You can outlast any problem in school. Keep pupils and their welfare at the front and centre of all that you do, and you cannot fail.

5. Is the future of our classrooms using Virtual Reality?

This is not simply an engagement tool or a gimmick, it allows a student to explore, to experience or to be involved in something, as if they are actually present in that environment or place.

6. The entire Education Above All website and the twitter hashtag #EducationMeans

Children love to learn. If they are denied access to knowledge, we also deny them the opportunity to change their lives for the better. At Education Above All, we believe that there is nothing more important.

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