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Tuesday tips: Revising efficiently

Welcome to our first in the series of Tuesday Tips! Twice a month we’ll be sharing some tips about a range of topics, from school and education, to life and health!

This week we’ll be sharing a few ways to make revision effective. Here are our Top 5 Tips:

1. Find revision methods that work for you.

You may need mix methods dependent on the subject. For example, with Maths you may need to start reading from a textbook before creating notes, and then trying past papers. Or for science, mindmaps and colours might be beneficial. Whether you are a visual person, a writer or a listener - try out different methods.

2. Find a study buddy!

There is someone out there in your class or a friend in another school who is in the same situation, and you'll be surprised the cues can you create between you that will help you remember. If you are easily distracted, find ways to test yourself instead, such as memorising out loud - it’s proven to help!

3. Be as healthy as you can in those weeks prior.

Exercise and also stretch before, between and after revision sessions. Make sure you’re not sedentary for too long! Eat well, avoid junk that will make you lethargic and eat lots of protein. Plus, make sure you’re planning ahead so you can get the amount of sleep you genuinely need.

4. Find a time management method that works for you.

Things like the Pomorodo method, ‘Eat That Frog’ and so many more can help you make effective progress and create useful notes without distractions. The more you do them, the more habitual they will become and the less time you’ll find is wasted.

5. Reward yourself!

This speaks for itself: work hard and give back to yourself to help relieve any stress you might feel before the exam. It’s important not to feel overworked and tense.

These are only a few tips scraping the surface of revision: there are so many to share. Stay tuned for more exam tips soon!

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