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International Day of Happiness 2017

Happy International Day of Happiness!

In 2017 we are seeing this awareness day being celebrated for the 4th year, after being founded by the incredible not-for-profit company Action for Happiness in 2013. With the aim to create a movement to bring more happiness to the world, this is definitely a cause that Storie Storie are on board for!


The International Day of Happiness Resolution was developed by Jayme Illien (United Nations adviser) who wanted to recognize the pursuit of happiness as a ‘fundamental human goal’. Now we are able to celebrate this day every year on March 20, and are taking steps closer to happily sharing this planet and becoming a happier earth.

One of the most exciting but simple things they have offered is this quote:

"I will try to create more happiness in the world around me".

For Storie Storie. no doubtedly one of our sources of happiness is storytelling. And even more specifically, sharing our stories with as many people as possible! Similar to how Action for Happiness have made an active effort to encourage happiness in the world, Storie Storie aims to inspire greatness and provide happiness to our audience in schools, corporations and the works!

We hope that in delivering stories to people, young and adult, we too are encouraging feelings of happiness to give back to the world!

So I’m sure you’re asking: what can I do to support?

If you visit the Day of Happiness website, you can sign up for a Happiness Guidebook, Pack for Children and World Happiness Report. So get involved, browse the site and take those few steps to a happier you!

However, happiness isn't systematic: we all have something different to be thankful for, and different things make different people happy! It's what makes the world go around. But let us know what makes you happy, and share with us your favourite sources of happiness on our social media linked below.

Also don’t hesitate let us know your favourite stories that make you happy - we're always looking for new stories to learn, tell and share.

And remember: you are AWESOME! #StorieStorie

#storiestorie #internationaldayofhappiness

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