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World Book Day 2017

It’s nearly time: World Book Day is coming up on 2nd March and we are counting down the days! As you may know, books and storytelling are a vital part of Storie Storie, and we will be celebrating the week with some of our favourites we’ve read and heard over the years. The international World Book Day is now on its 20th year (which is AMAZING), and there are more things to do in celebration than ever! So with just over a week away, there’s still a lot of time to get engrossed in a book and part of something exciting – both for World Book Day and with us here at Storie Storie. Here is the World Book Day website – if you know students, have children, or just want to pass on the reading bug to others, there are so many different ways to get involved! Tick off the World Book Day checklist, pick a new book to read from the great options given, or hear some incredibly interesting people talk about their favourite books. There’s something to inspire everyone.

However, you can have ANOTHER exciting option, which is to get Storie Storie into your school! Throughout March we will be travelling to schools and getting students excited and empowered about reading – you don’t want to miss out! Do you know any teachers? Or work in a school yourself? This is how to initiate the fun: If you would like a storyteller, are holding a reading event, or even a motivational talk about getting into books, Storie Storie is taking bookings for all year groups! Just last month saw us in both Hammersmith and Ealing campuses of the Hammersmith, Ealing and West London College sharing our favourite books. It was an experience to remember and one we’d love to keep spreading to students everywhere.

Here is a link to the Online Booking Form… get in early, or send an email to for any enquiries you may have. We can’t wait for World Book Day!

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