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National Storytelling Week 2017

Welcome to National Storytelling Week meets Storie Storie!

As you know we are lovers of stories, so it's no surprise that we are taking part in National Storytelling Week. This event is now in its 17th year, where the Society of Storytelling promote the oral tradition of stories and the creative imagination of communicating life experiences throughout the UK.

So what we are doing for NSW?

We will not only be launching a take-it-to-the-streets storytelling video, we will also be launching the Storie Storie blog, full of exciting news, recaps, our take on awareness days and motivational monthly posts. We also have a secret special thing planned, so follow us on our social media to keep updated.

We will be uploading videos, writing blogs and promoting storytelling throughout National Storytelling Week, so sign up to our subscription and be the first to know!

To add to the excitement, we’re launching our new division Storie Storie Media! To find out more about what they’re getting up to, head to their website

How steamed up are you for National Storytelling Week meets Storie Storie? We know we are pumped!

Let us know: what are some of your favourite stories? Leave a comment below or send a message on our socials, we’d love to hear from you!

And remember: you are AWESOME! #StorieStorie

#storiestorie #nationalstorytellingweek

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