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Meet the A-Team!

NAME: Alim Kamara


3 WORDS: Funny, charismatic, practical

Graduated from Middlesex University with a degree in Creative and Media Writing. He created Storie Storie with the aim to inspire through the art of storytelling, music and motivational workshops. He is also a hip hop artist and raps in his native language Krio.

NAME: Betsy Uchendu

ROLE: Creative Administrator

3 WORDS: Amiable, empathetic, conscientious

Graduated from University of Sussex

with a degree in Psychology. Her ambition stemmed from a desire to volunteer while gaining experiences in company duties and working with young people. With this experience she hopes to start a career in wellbeing working with adolescents to adults. Betsy works on administrative duties, social media and essential documents.

NAME: Wajiha Ahad

ROLE: Social Administrator/Production


3 WORDS: Hilarious, meticulous, supportive

With a passion for media, she wanted to secure a role in production and marketing. For Storie Storie, Wajiha handles the social media, marketing and production of the storytelling videos. She also works for the new division Storie Storie Media where she is currently the trainee to the managing director. Here she also handles administrative tasks, promoting Storie Storie Media and camera work.

NAME: Sinem Kent

ROLE: Managing Director

3 WORDS: Welcoming, tenacious, dedicated

Degree in TV and Film Production from Greenwich University. With an extensive experience in productions, she dreamt of having her own production company. With that notion, Storie Storie Media was born. She currently oversees and manages Storie Storie Media which includes editing, producing and liaising with clients.

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