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Workshops and Assemblies


We offer a full range of performance and workshop options for primary, secondary and sixth form age children.


Storie Storie can provide a day of wonderful entertainment through performances that develop understandings of important concepts such as sharing, mental health awareness, stress, and more.

Our workshops are curated to help children to develop skillsets and awareness, equipping them to handle every day life and achieve their potential.

If you would like to book a session for your school, simply fill in the form below and we will send you a quote.

Options: Assemblies and Workshops

We offer sessions in two formats: assemblies and workshops.


We recommend specific timetables comprised of a mixture of both of these formats.


Assemblies can be delivered to a large group, and tend to consist of storytelling mixed with music performance to inspire and ignite pupils' imagination and aspirations.

We recommend 45 minutes - 1 hour for assemblies.


Workshops are for smaller groups, with whom Alim can concentrate on particular issues (such as exam stress, confidence, and tolerance) with a focus on participation and engagement with the children.

We recommend 45 minute workshops.

Recommended timetables

We recommend these specific timetables comprised of a mixture of assemblies and workshops to ensure that students receive the most that Storie Storie can offer - an overview as well as an in-depth, interactive session.


We are happy to be flexible on these structures, however please note the inclusion of breaks within the schedule.

Storie Storie recommended school timetables

Session Focus

Our performers can focus on any nearly any issue that the school would like to address, be it healthy eating to exam stress. The following are some of the more common focuses that schools ask us to provide.

Black History Month

Uplifting Black students

Celebrating Black accomplishments

Sharing knowledge

Changing perceptions

It’s important to acknowledge Black History Month for many reasons: to keep the histories of Black culture alive and resonating, to remember the incredible contributions that Black people have had to world history, and to raise up the knowledge of Black achievements and contributions.

It’s particularly important to commemorate BHM at schools to show students the establishment’s dedication to supporting and uplifting Black students.

Results Day

Goals and aspirations

The emotion cycle

Time management

Effective revision

Results day can be nerve-wracking for students. What happens after they receive their results? For some, there will be smiling faces and for others, possibly feelings of failure that can affect the will to perform well in the future.

Whatever grades your students obtain, we highlight the face that progress is always possible in the future.

We kick off with music to shake off any gloom in the room. From there, we share inspiring stories and key techniques to cope with emotions and rebuilding confidence.


Growth mindset

Year 6 to 7 transition

Teenage confidence

Exam preparation

Our most popular program to date, we provide students with effective strategies and techniques vital for increasing productivity.

The session includes fun activities, games, exercises and discussions on this vital life skill to inspire pupils both in and outside the classroom.

Our speakers share real life stories that deal with themes of overcoming challenges, loss, failure, persistence, personal growth and success.

GCSE Kung Fu

Confidence building

Goal setting

Exam techniques

Dealing with stress

Time to get your students in the right mindset for their exams! Whether they are high achievers or need extra support, we equip pupils with easy-to-use tools for success.

Our dynamic speakers inspire, ignite and inform young people to help them realise their potential. We are known for quickly building rapport, through tailor-made activities including presentations, discussions, videos and worksheets.

African Storytelling

Cultural awareness

African empires

Growth mindset

African djembe drumming

Our award-winning Djelis (storytellers) have been described as energetic and captivating.

Brace yourself for a belly full of laughter, powerful life lessons and fascinating cultural entertainment like never before.

Teacher Inset and CPD

The power of storytelling

Reading vs telling

Encouraging imagination

Picking appropriate stories to tell

This course aims to give teachers the confidence to educate, entertain and empower students.

Through biographical, traditional and historical stories from around the world, teachers will be able to bring subjects to life, enabling students to digest information more easily.

The training provides teachers with the skills to make stories cross curricular.


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