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Corporate Events

Dressed in the finest African attire, international storyteller Alim Kamara comes ready to inspire your team. With over 15 years experience, he delivers fun, insightful sessions packed with valuable lessons and a bellyful of laughter.

He can offer hosting services, appearances at panel discussions, presentations, workshops and storytelling performances to your company. He also provides Black History Month events. See below for more information on these options.

If you would like to have Alim at your next event, please tell us more about what you would like via our booking form. We will respond with a bespoke quote.



Cute Poodle

'Alim's performance was the perfect closing to what was an exceptional day.

He captivated the audience with his storytelling and truly captured their hearts with his emotive poetry.

What stood out however was his admirable humility.'

Yaw, Tedx, Co-founder and Curator

Stories bring people together. Through stories, our speakers build connections within your team, sparking enthusiasm and renewed energy.

Black History Month

Cute Poodle

‘I have attended many solo artist perform poems or tell stories but nothing like I experienced at the 'UN Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination Event'. You capture every single person’s attention and had them totally spellbound… the message and 'caption' are firmly embedded in my mind.’

Jennifer Sprott, Operations Manager - Berkshire Crime, Thames Valley Cluster

Do you want to bring enthusiasm and creativity to your colleagues? Here are a few topics we aim to inspire with during Black History Month:

Martin Luther King Jr.
Mansa Musa (The richest man ever)
The Great Pyramids of Egypt
The Benin Wall
And much more!

Panel Discussions

Cute Poodle

'We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, your delivery was very engaging and reflective. By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator. On behalf of the BME Network and Equality and Inclusion, thank you for a memorable presentation and hope you will visit us again'

Najera Khatun, Equality and Inclusion Assistant, NHS

Alim Kamara speaks eloquently on a range of topics, from growing up in Sierra Leone to current issues in the UK. He is comfortable both taking part in discussions, or working as a moderator for the whole group.

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